ligurian focaccia recipe

the recipe for this focaccia was taught to me by Silvia from salvia + limone, we made it for a visual story board at the workshop Kimberly from the little plantation and I held last weekend. I had the most amazing time getting to know all the attendees and I feel like I have come away with some wonderful new friends. for the photos we wanted to show the story of creating the bread from start to finish. I didn’t get all the shots we had set up as I think I was too excited watching the attendees, but the ones I did get I really love as they have lots of human element and movement in, which is one of the things we talk about at the workshop, out next one is being held between the 28th-30th of September. so back to the recipe. silvia said that they pile the focaccia which is flavoured with malt up with onions and arugula. we used red onions for colour. Silvia and I both baked one and I was in love with the saltiness of it.

recipe by silvia bifaro

500gr flour (half whole-half white)
40gr (or see manufacturer direction of fresh brew yeast) In Italy I use dry ferments for sour-dough.
1 tablespoon of barley malt previously heated up.
1/2 teaspoon salt.
1 tbsp oil
enough water for a soft sticky dough

f0r baking
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup oil
1 teaspoon fine salt + some salt flakes
Dissolve the malt in half glass of lukewarm water and add the yeast.

Put the flour in a large bowl and make a hole in the centre to be filled with The oil, the yeast and some of the water. Start kneading and add more water very carefully. Knead until you have a silky dough, slightly sticky.

leave to rise for 40 min in the oven with its light on

work the dough again and on a large baking sheet or tray make a flat bread, 2 cm thick. leave to rise again for 20/30 min

pre heat the oven at 200 c

with all five of your fingers make holes, to cover every space of the dough, stretch the dough as you make them very deep almost to the baking dish.

whisk together the water the oil and the salt, cover the dough with the mixture and bake for 20 to 30 min


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