about me

Welcome to Twiggstudios,  I’m Aimee Twigger, growing up I always felt so unfortunate to be stuck with that surname, I got called twiglet twig and even the teachers would laugh about it, but in my late teens I met my partner and him as his daughter called me twig and it kind of just stuck, when I started this blog twiggstudios seemed to be a good fit as at the time I was really into crafting and interiors (that’s where the studio part came from)

in my early twenties I really struggled with food and weight and ended up with an eating disorder, but finding my love for baking and photographing food really helped me combat it. when I started sharing recipes I was a complete novice, and really had no idea what I was doing, but over time and with practice I feel I’m quite good at it now. my life revolves around it.

I found that with food blogging you need to have good photos so I got a cheap Samsung compact dslr and started focusing on the styling an photos more and more and found that it was so much fun, I have always been artistic so photography is just another outlet for me, and I guess baking it as well as I like to make things look pretty. I shot my two cook books with that cheap camera, can you believe it?. I now have upgraded to a canon 70d.

I would bake every day if I could and to be honest I often do, I was working as a carer for a lady with Parkinson’s until recently but unfortunately she sadly passed away so now I have lots of free time for blogging and recipe developing before I find another job.

get to know me

I think the best way for you to really get to know me is with some questions and answers, feel free to play along.

  • what would you say is your favourite thing to bake? cake, I just love baking a cake of any kind. to cook I love cooking pasta too.
  • favourite kitchen tool? I love my kitchenaid mixer and use it almost everyday, (I could really do with a proper clean) but I wouldn’t be with out a silicone spatula
  • favourite snack? chocolate, granola? chocolate, ok I already said that but I love it,
  • best holiday you have ever been on? that is a hard one as I have been to some great places this year like India, China and Italy this year
  • whats on your bucket list? travel I really want to go to America I really really want to go soooo badly, also I would love to visit japan, and so many other places, learn to drive (I know it should already know how to do this), finally get married I have been engaged forever. meet Mary berry, (shes my idol)
  • future goals? write another book, I want to have more control on the design and learn that side of it too. I would love to open a small bakery in the future. I would love to create some videos for the blog but I have know idea where to start. write an Ebook and improve my photography.
  • favourite Tv shows? I love modern family, friends, greys anatomy, bones, sex and the city,

so me in a nutshell

  • grew up in torquay the town I was born in, (I would love to move somewhere else like London or Bristol)
  • I have two brothers, one older one younger
  • my parner is 19 years older than me (I know it seems a lot but trust me I’m more mature than him lol)
  • I have a Dalmatian called archie and two guinea pigs
  • I actually wanted to be a zoo keeper and studied for my diploma in animal care and national diploma in animal management
  • I am a cookbook addict and have so many I have ran out of space, and I have same problem with ceramics and props.



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