bourbon spiked chilli dogs

this is a little adult play on a childhood bonfire night classic, these chilli dogs spiked with some bourbon. I love chilli con carne and hot dogs to together they are a match made in heaven. I bet they would also be delicious with some melted cheese too. I love this time of year. as a kid we would go so huge bonfires and eat hot dogs, caramel apples and drink hot apple juice. I was never that keen on the fire works though. I remember one year he held a firework party in our garden for all the family and friends on bonfire night and the table with the fire works on fell over and they all came flying towards us, I got hit in the arm and it burned a whole in my sleeve but thankfully I was unhurt, other than that it was a great night, now my neighbours build a big fire and cook jacket potatoes and let of fire works each year. I made these in collaboration with anthropoligie and all the items you see in the photos are from their beautiful store. it is my favourite shop so I love being able to work with them. how beautiful is the cheeseboard  used to plate them.


Bourbon spiked chilli dogs
These are Perfect for bonfire night and a play on a child hood favourites as these chilli dogs have some bourbon in the sauce
250g mince beef
1 red onion
150ml bourbon
2 bell peppers
Tin of kidney beans in chilli sauce
Small tin of sweet corn
3 tbsp tomato purée
1 beef stock pot in
Tin of chopped Tomatoes
300ml passata
1 tbsp chipotle paste
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander seeds
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp chipotle flakes
1 tbsp Worcester sauce
Hot dogs
Hot dog buns

(This recipe makes enough chilli for about 10 to 15 chilli dogs so if you want you can freeze some)

In a pan add the chopped onion and sautée with some oil to brown then add the mince and cook until it turns brown, drain off any fat then add the peppers. Add the bourbon and cook off some of the alcohol for 4 minutes then add the tomato purée and Passata, tinned tomatoes and the stock pot. Add the spices, kidney beans and sweet corn. Let simmer stirring occasionally until it reaches the boil. Keep warm ready for hot dogs. Cook the Sausages then lightly toast the buns. Assemble by adding the sausage in the bun and topping with the chilli. You can cook this on the Bonfire in a cast iron pot.


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