mini raspberry and sesame cake with tahini frosting

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Don't you just love mini cakes?.
Even though this one was made with the two smallest tins I own it still managed to feed the whole family (it served 7 easily)
I was Inspired to try tahini in a cake after seeing some of molly yeh's recipes from my name is yeh so i added it to the frosting and added some sesame seeds into the sponge as well as some freeze dried raspberries.

earl grey and lemon verticle roll cake with lilacs

Friday, 15 May 2015

 I love vertical roll cakes they are so easy to make!. (Trust me) It's nice to have a cake that can be baked and put together with out too much fuss if you want a cake in a hurry.

strawberry rhubarb and rose eton mess cake and rhubarb apple and pistachio tart

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I made this Eton mess cake for a collaboration with felicity from she travelled down from Dorset and we did a little photo shoot I learnt so many new things from her that I didn't know about my camera, her photography skills are amazing, so i cant wait to use all my new knowledge and take loads more photos. I really need to learn more about using the camera outside as i found it difficult to get the shutter speed right. It was really fun getting together with another blogger for the afternoon, I'm a bit if a recluse normally so it was great to get out and meet someone with the same interests. We met at my mums house as my house looks like a bomb has hit it at the moment as I'm waiting for my kitchen to get replastered and have new work tops fitted (I'm pretty sure I'm going to be waiting forever). I was glad to go to my mums as her home is beautiful and has so much national light.

rhubarb and rose charlotte

Thursday, 7 May 2015

I thought it would be fun to create this Charlotte cake in celebration of the birth of princess Charlotte of Cambridge.
I love having a royal family and I am quite patriotic (not in a stalker way, I wouldn't camp outside the hospital to catch a glimpse of the royal baby lol but I did go to the golden and diamond jubilee. I can't think of any one I would camp on the street for can you?) I love having a royal family and I think the Duke and duchess of Cambridge are great.  
I thought the rhubarb and rose flavours echoed great British flavours too.

muscat grape honey and nut sourdough rolls

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

i love the sweet honey flavour of muscat grapes, i used them to make a compote to go in these sourdough buns, i added some honey, pecans and rosemary too.
they were really nice and it was great to have something a bit different from the normal cinnamon buns which i would usually make.

earl grey pistachio meringue tower with blueberries and figs and edible flowers

Monday, 4 May 2015

these meringues have chunks of pistachios in and they are flavoured with earl grey.
i added blueberry puree into the cream as well as pouring it over the meringue tower.
the beautiful flowers were supplied by jan from maddocks farm oraganics.

strawberry milk tres leches cake

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

i love tres leches cake, and i thought it would be fun to try it with strawberry milk, tres leches cake is a Mexican cake and tres leches means three milks (which the cake is soaked in usually whole milk, consendensed milk and evaporated milk) I thought it would be nice for cinch de mayo next week.  I also added fresh strawberries into the sponge and between the layers.
i always think of strawberries as a summer fruit but they seem to be every where at the moment, all the market stalls and fruit and veg shops are selling them really cheaply,
 i got a large punnet for only £1.
i hadn't planned to buy any for my self i went to get some for my brother who has fruit with his porridge but seeing a stall full of them it inspired me.

blossom honey victoria sponge wih rose petal jam and stories of france

Sunday, 26 April 2015

I love blossom honey it has such a wonderful floral flavour, so that's why i decided to use rose petal jam to fill this cake to enhance the floral flavour of the honey. i also added some rosewater and orange blossom water into the sponge.
i decided to use the honey as a sugar substitute and used half the amount of sugar i usually would and then used honey to make up for the other half. i also used honey in the cream rather than icing sugar so i like to think this cake is a little bit better for you, (any excuse to eat cake hey).
i went to visit my dad in France last weekend with my younger brother.
my dad lives in morlaix which is in Brittany.

sorghum flour stem ginger rhubarb and orange cake

Saturday, 25 April 2015

 I adapted a recipe from the flavour flours book, it's a wonderful book full of recipes for alternative flours to the normal wheat varieties like buckwheat, teff and chestnut flour.
I used sorghum flour for this cake and added fresh stem ginger rhubarb and orange to it.

duck egg apple muffins with almonds and marzipan chunks

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I went to the shop to buy an organic apple as I was making my own sourdough starter but they only had them in bags of 4 for i used one of the left overs for these muffins.

lemon black grape and rosemary olive oil cake

Monday, 20 April 2015

walking through my parents garden on Sunday inspired me to make this cake, their olive tree looked so beautiful in the spring sunlight. i grabbed a few branches to take home with me.
i used grapes and lemon in this cake with a little fresh rosemary that i also picked from their garden.
my mum is a keen gardener and grows all her own herbs i would love to do the same but i must admit I'm not that good at it.

carrot, parsnip and orange cake adapted from the violet bakery cookbook

Thursday, 16 April 2015

i don't know where to start with this cake, wow.
i used the carrot cake recipe from the violet bakery cookbook but being as its me i had to do my own spin on it, i added parsnip, honey, orange and orange blossom water.
i also added some walnuts instead of just pecans.
every one who had a slice was amazed and begged for another slice or the recipe.
i love it when i make something and everyone really enjoys it.

stem ginger lemon grass and coconut cake

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

this cake is full of flavour with the fresh stem ginger, lemon grass and fresh grated lemon.
it is made with coconut flour too so it is gluten free.
i could not decide what i should use to ice it so i make a butter cream with a bit of ginger beer and brown sugar in. if I'm honest i not a huge butter cream fan i tend to frost all my cakes with whipped double cream and a little powdered sugar as i think butter cream is so heavy.
but i only had a carton of cream in the fridge and i needed it for tea as i was making pasta. (we pretty much live off pasta my partner is obsessed with it, i made lasagna last night and needed some cream for the white sauce so i was running low and hadn't been to the shop yet)

tri coloured mocha cake

Sunday, 12 April 2015

My partner has been asking me to make a coffee cake for ages so i decided to make this mocha one.
It has a chocolate layer a coffee layer and a vanilla layer. Then I iced it with whipped cream with some ground coffee and cocoa powder.

mangosteen, lemon, rosewater and chia seed madeleines(ish)

Friday, 10 April 2015

mangosteen where have you been all my life.
wow what a beautiful fruit, not only does it taste amazing but it is a super food and it really good for you too.
don't you love it when something healthy taste great and not like green yuk?
keeping with the superfood theme i used chia seeds too because i like any excuse to make a cake that is good for you.
 I made these little cakes in madeleine moulds but they are not as fluffy as the traditional madeleines because of the added chia seeds.

goats milk brioche

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Usually I share posts with loads of photos so it's weird to have a recipe with just one photo,  I could not hold off eating it before I had the chance to take any more photos.
But sometimes I don't think a recipe needs a ton of photos if its simple hearty food and I think brioche is a classic that doesn't need fluffing up too much.
when I was making the dough my mum was over for a coffee and I discussed about whether i should add something into the dough like chopped fruit or chocolate but then I decided it would be nice to have a really simple recipe that any one can make from what they have in their store cupboard. 
I splashed out and got some beautiful Cotswold legbar eggs they have a wonderful dark orange yoke  and they are so rich and yummy and the pastel blue shells are so pretty.

espresso semifreddo recipe from lomelinos icecream and a giveaway

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

lomelinos ice cream by Linda lomelino from call me cupcake is on sale now in English.
to celebrate its release i am sharing one of the recipes from it and giving away a copy of the book.
i chose to make the espresso semifreddo, it was so wonderful and creamy.

lemon honey and chamomile shoofly pie with an anzac biscuit crust

Sunday, 5 April 2015

 a few months ago i made a shoofly pie from four and twenty blackbirds pie book, i had been thinking about it ever since so i decided to give it a spring makeover by adding lemon to it rather than rosemary. i also replaced the coffee that was in the original recipe with chamomile tea i think honey, lemon and chamomile go really well together,
i decided to experiment with the crust too, i made the mixture for some anzac cookies and pressed it into the tart tin and baked it.

rose and honey banana bread with nut crumble topping

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This banana bread has so much flavour and the crumble top really makes it extra special.
everyone really enjoyed it.
I added honey, rosewater, cardamom and cinnamon to it then added chopped walnuts and pecans into the crumble top.

black sesame seed shortbread with lemon and kumquats and coconut milk glaze

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

these shortbread where really tasty, i love black sesame seeds and they go really well with citrus like lemon and kumquats.
i found the kumquats in selfridges food hall in London when i visited for the day on Saturday and had to buy them, i also got lots of other weird exotic fruit to try out like mangosteen, custard apple and granadillo , that is my new favourite place to visit in London. i got the poppy from there too i was glad i got it home on the coach in one piece.
 i also visited borough market while i was there which is a food market selling every thing you can think of from mushrooms, jam and fruit to meat.
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