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Food photography and styling and natural dying workshop in london

Do you want to take part in an in person food photography workshop but are not sure what you will get out of it?.  Well i want to tell you a bit about the workshop i have planned in London in April with salvia and limone and Isabella from twome. Not only will we cover all we know about food photography and styling but Isabella will also show everyone how to dye fabric with natural dyes made from natural materials. Fabric is a great photography prop and I use it for styling most of my shots. If you look through some of the photos in this post then you will see I use fabric a lot, mainly because it adds flow to an image which we will talk about more. The workshop will take place over two days on April 21st and 22nd at a studio in Clapham.

What will you learn?

  • fabric dying – you will learn how to make dyes using natural materials and then dye some fabric that you can take home. You will learn how to care for the fabric and wash is safely,
  • camera settings – we will talk you through using your camera in manual mode and what all the settings mean,
  • light – finding the best natural light and how to manipulate it,
  • we will photograph the dying process to learn how to capture motion and people,
  • composition and styling – we will show you how to style a still life and let you have hands on experience styling your own scene,
  • story creation – we will shoot a recipe story from start to finish creating 6 photos that tell a story. this is great for blogs and helps you portray a story,
  • editing – lightroom and Photoshop – we will show you how we edit our shots.

What do you get for your money

  • A two day workshop with three teachers in a professional studio
  • Home made lunch and soft drinks
  • All of our knowledge on food photography and fabric dying
  • fabric that you dyed to take home
  • one of the cheapest in person workshops on the market yes it is only £299 for day one or £549 for both days. I would recommend booking both days to get the full experience.

If you want to book then email me at aimeetwigger@aol.com

still not sold? 

Here is some feedback from some of my previous workshops

“Thank you so much for the workshop I learnt so much and I cant wait to go home and use my new skills”

”I cannot tell you how much I loved your workshop and wish I could do it all again!!! I felt there was just the right amount of people for me to get the most out of it and I learnt so much. Thank you so much.”

“I would highly recommend one of the group workshops I felt like I learnt so much”

This was, by a mile the most inspiring, productive and information packed workshop ever”

“I never thought I would be able to create the type of images aimee does but by the end of the day i was shooting images that blew my mind”

“finally I understand how to use and get the most out of my camera”

If you do not live in Europe and cant make the London workshop easily and want to know about other workshops i have then see my workshops page here, so far there is one in Australia planned for may but the page is being updated all the time and new workshops are added regularly so don’t forget to check back or sign up for notifications. I hope to add more countries soon. I also teach one to one workshops.


fabric is great for adding a flow to your photos so that’s why we thought it would be great to include that part of the workshop as it is one of the props i use in most of my shots. that way you can make your own. Isabella teaches lots of amazing craft workshops and her work has been featured in molly makes magazine. We decided to work together on this workshop with Silvia.

here is the link to my workshop page if you want more information or if you want to find a workshop closer to you.

If you want a workshop nearer to you that isn’t on the list leave a comment letting me know where.

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