my kind of beautiful

to celebrate the new packaging of higgidy pies I was asked to show what I through was my kind of beautiful because not everything has to be perfect to be beautiful, some things can be higgidy. (I love their saying that the best things in live are always a bit higgidy) higgidy believe in the joy of enjoying delicious food with people you love, so they dont mind if each one of their products looks like its neibour. the new packaging features hand drawn illustrations that are inspired by an eclectic collection of ceramics. you may of noticed I love ceramics. I wanted to show that mismatched ceramics can be beautiful. most of the things I buy are vintage or one of a kind ceramics created by hand by artists, I tend to be drawn to the pieces that are hand formed or unique. some of my favourite creators are facture goods, nom living, noyki ceramics and I also love finding old imperfect pieces on ebay. I have loved higgidy pies and quiches for ages so I was really happy when they asked me to take part in their campaign as its nice to promote something that you really like and enjoy. I very rarely do product placement and sponsored posts because I don’t want to promote something just for money, I want to do it because it is something I love. I tend to buy the quiche the most and they have a huge selection of flavours.

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