matcha macadamia nut white chocolate brownies

i love these brownies especially because they are green, i call them grinch brownies.
the white chocolate in these seems to caramalise slighty to create an amazing flavour they are really moist and squidgy, just how i like my brownies.

the flavour of the matcha is subtle and doesnt over powder the other flavours so people who would usually turn there noses up a green tea wont mind them.
they are so easy to make, i adapted the recipe from one i found in a jamie oliver magazine

240g white chocolate 9oz
110g butter (1/2 cup)
200g sugar (1 cup)
3 eggs
80g plain flour (1/2 cup + 2 tbsp)
3 tsp matcha powder
30g macadamia nuts (1 /3 cup)
30g white chocolate chips (1/4 cup)
preheat the oven to 200c 400f
in a heatproof bowl add the butter and white chocolate and melt together then whish in the sugar,
add the eggs one at a time, then sift in the flour and matcha powder.
finally chop the macadamia nuts and fold in with some white chocolate chips, leaving some to sprinkle on the top.
bake for 5 minutes then remove from the oven and cover with foil and then bake for a further 25 minutes.
it should be soft and wiggly in the centre
leave for 30 minutes to set before dusting with icing sugar and slicing.


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