blackberry apple crepe cake with lavender caramel

i created this crepe cake for a brand new online journal called rose&ivy
you can find my recipe in the Autumn issue now or scroll down for my lavender caramel version.
the Autumn issue is the first publication for rose and ivy. 
the journal has a mix of fashion and lifestyle, it has such beautiful photos i really love the look of it and recommend you take a look here

For crepes
1/2 cup milk
1/2 water
1 cup plain flour
2 eggs
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
For blackberry cream
350ml heavy cream
3 tbsp powdered sugar
1/3 cup blackberries
For lavender caramel
1/4 cup soft brown sugar
1/4 cup butter
2 tbsp heavy cream
few drops lavender extract
3 apples
2 cups blackberries
To make crepes whisk the water and milk with the eggs then add the flour sugar and cinnamon.
Put in the fridge for 20 minutes to chill.
Whilst the batter is chilling heat the oven to 350f and thinly slice the apples and spread out on a baking sheet and sprinkle over some brown sugar(approx 2 tbsp).
Heat pan with a little butter then pour in about 3 tbsp of the batter and tip pan to spread around into a circle cook for 1 minute then flip over and coon then other side for another half a minute until it turns golden.
Continue with the rest of the mixture.
To make a quick caramel add the butter, lavender extract and sugar in a microwave safe bowl heat for 1 minute then stir until sugar dissolves heat again for 20 seconds then let cool a little and stir in the cream.
For blackberry cream add the heavy cream in a bowl with the icing sugar and whip until thick then add the blackberries and continue mixing to break them up.
To build the cake add a crepe then pipe on the cream and add some apples and blackberries the drizzle over some caramel and add another crepe on top. Continue adding layers until all the crepes are used up then add some blackberries on top and drizzle over some more caramel then dust with powdered sugar.

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