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  • lavender and honey ice cream with honeycomb chunks with out an ice cream maker

lavender and honey ice cream with honeycomb chunks with out an ice cream maker

 this ice cream tasted amazing, it was so creamy and full of flavour.

 I was so easy to make and the ice cream base only consists of 3 basic ingredients,
and the best part you don’t need an ice cream maker.
2 cups of heavy cream
1 tin of sweetened condensed milk
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract.
to make the ice cream
in a stand mixer, using the balloon whisk attachment, whip the cream until it starts to thicken, then pour in the condensed milk and vanilla and continue whipping on a medium speed for 7 minutes.
to make the lavender and honey flavour i added, some lavender extract, dried lavender, 3 table spoons of honey, and crushed honeycomb  which i made earlier, scroll down for recipe.
 to make the honeycomb you will need
2 tbsp honey
170g sugar
2 tbsp water,
1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
first grease and line a baking tray with parchment paper, i used cake tin.
in a heavy pan combine the sugar, honey and water and stir together, then leave on a medium/high heat with out stirring until large bubbles form, once the colour starts turning golden, (about 5 minutes) remove from the heat, and quickly ( carefully it will rise up) stir in the baking soda, just enough to mix it in, do not over mix it, then quickly pour into the prepared pan, do not touch it or spread it or the bubbles will pop.
after at least 1 hour, i smashed it up in to small pieces and sprinkled it into the ice cream and stirred it in.
pour the ice cream in to a loaf tin or an ice cream tub and put in the freezer, for the first 2 hours i took it out and stirred i every half an hour to make sure no ice crystals formed.
after 8 hours its ready to serve.
i found the recipe for the honeycomb here

 i used home made lavender extract, i like the taste better than shop bought stuff as its not so over powering, its so simple to make just fill a bottle 1/4 full of lavender buds and then top the Bottle up with vodka and shake it, then leave in a dark cupboard 2 weeks taking it out to shake it every other day, then strain out the lavender and pour the liquid back in the bottle and its done.


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