how to make faux birch bark


 first take your piece of card, and tear up some printer paper and stick it on the card with the edges not flat to the paper so they are sticking up, then paint the whole thing black.

 wait for it to mostly dry, and take the putty knife and the wall compound and apply it to the card making a rough ridged texture, make sure the paper is still sticking up, then wait for it to dry, then paint on some elmers glue or white school glue and wait for it to partially dry then take a hard bristle brush and white paint and drag it across the card in the same direction, covering most the card. the elmers glue will create an aged look where by you can see some of the black still. now take the taupe paint and use the sponge brush and add it in areas. then you can add more white paint over the top lightly. the paper will look like peeling bark like on birch trees.

i used mine behide a cut out of a deer, but you can use it for vases ect. it will come in Handy for Christmas crafts, I’m not sure what to make with it next, maybe a lantern or tree decorations

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