herb laminated pasta

Sunday, 9 March 2014

i have been wanting to make pasta like this for ages and finally i have got around to it.
i borrowed my mums pasta machine to roll it out as i wanted to get it really thin, i have put one on my to buy list as i think it would be great for pastry and icing too.
i used coriander as i thought it would look nice in the pasta put flat leaf parsley, basil and other thin leaf like herbs will work fine.

Also do you like my concrete letters?
i made then using an alphabet mould from wholeport.com i just mixed up the concrete and poured it into each letter and left it to dry over night.
for basic pasta recipe i used
2 cups flour
3 eggs
 on your work top tip out the flour and make a well in the centre, then add the eggs and 1tsp olive oil (optional i found it helped the the consistency of the pasta)
use a fork and start mixing the eggs pulling in a bit of flour with each stir, keep mixing until a ball is formed, knead together for 2 minutes, wrap in film and let rest for 20 minutes,
divide into 4 equal balls and use the pasta machine to roll each piece out, then press the herbs in and place another layer of pasta on top and pass it through the roller then you can cut it into the type of pasta you want, i decided to make pappardelle as it shows the herbs well.


  1. This looks to pretty to eat…what a great idea… Would like to invite you to comes share at One More Time Events… Tammy

  2. What a great way to pretty up pasta presentation! I wish I had time to make my own pasta, Maybe some day I will try this. Thanks for the great idea!

  3. So pretty! Hope you can link up to #tastytuesdays tomorrow!

  4. Oh my...you have outdone yourself! This pasta is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Amazing work!

  5. That really looks lovely! Thanks for sharing your idea :)

  6. So gorgeous, love the idea of mixing herbs!

  7. The pasta looks simply amazing. Artwork on its own, a very tasty one on top of it.


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