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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

i bought the laduree sucre cook book a few months ago and have only used it once so i thought i better get it out and try some recipes, here is the macaron recipe they use in it.

recipe for the macaron shells
2 3/4 cup + 1 tbsp (275g) ground almonds
2 cups + 1 tbsp (250g) confectioners sugar
6 egg whites + half and egg white
1 cup + 1 tbsp (210g) granulated sugar
1. combine the ground almonds and confectioners sugar in a food processor and pulse to obtain a fine powder. then strain through a sieve to remove any lumps.
2. in a clean dry bowl, whisk 6 egg whites to a foam. once they are frothy, add a third of the granulated sugar and whip until sugar is dissolved then add another third of the granulated sugar and whip for another minute, finally add the remaining granulated sugar and whip for 1 more minute.
using a rubber spatula, delicately fold in the sifted mixture of ground almonds and confectioners sugar into the whipped egg whites. in a separate bowl whip the remaining egg white until just frothy, then add to the mixture folding it in gently to loosen the batter.
(my tip, add the almond/confectioners sugar a quarter at a time)
3. transfer mixture to a piping bag fitted with a plain tip. on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, pipe small macaron rounds 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 in diameter. lightly tap the sheet so the macarons spread fully.
( my tip, leave a gap between each one so they don't spread together)
preheat oven to 300f/ 150c or gas mark 2 allow the macarons to sit uncovered for 10 minutes and then place them in the oven,bake for approximately 15 minutes until they form a slight crust.
4. remove from oven and with a small glass carefully pour a tiny amount of water in between the baking sheet and the parchment paper (lift the paper ever so slightly corner by corner).
the moisture and steam that result from the water on the hot baking sheet will allow the macarons to peel of easily once they are cool.
do not pour too much water or the macarons could become soggy.
allow them to cool completely.
there are lots of different fillings you could use for macarons.
to make the almond ones from the laduree book you will need
150g butter
320g almond paste
120g unsweetened almond pulp (or heavy cream)
80ml whipping cream
1. cut the butter into small pieces. put in a heat proof bowl set over a pan of gently simmering water and soften until creamy, without allowing it to melt.
in a large bowl, thin the almond paste by mixing it with the almond pulp, add the chilled cream and softened butter and beat on high speed with an electric whisk.
spoon the cream into a piping bag fitted with a plain tip and pipe on to one of the shells and sandwich another on top.
keep macarons in an airtight container in the fridge for 12 hours before tasting. this is because during this time a reaction takes place among the ingredience further enhancing the flavour and texture.


  1. Oh my stars- I have wanted to make these for forever. Look amazing!

    Would love it if you would come share them at my Your Best Weekly party-

    Have a Fabulous Thursday!

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  3. They are very pretty Aimee!!


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  5. Oh your macarons look amazingly scrumptious!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe!


  6. Oh in vain I have tried to make macaroons with no success - lol- and lost two cookie pans in the process- but I must try the Ladure recipe!
    I heard they opened one in New York!

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  8. Oh, those look so good! I've really been waiting to try to make macarons. Saw this on Craft-O-Maniac link party and wanting to say hi! Thanks for sharing!
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  9. OMY! They look so yummy! I am so going to try this. Thank you for sharing!


  10. These look so yummy! I'll be featuring these this week. :)

  11. Yummy! These look so delicious...and, pretty! :)

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  12. So pretty. I could see them being enjoyed at a garden party! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

  13. hi.
    I also just bought laduree sucre book and tried the macaron recipe. The recipe exactly the same with above. But my macarons failed. The never had feet, they became like cookies. How do you beat the other 1/2 egg white ? I whisk until frothy and added to the mixture, but the result no good.
    I never tried this method before. Previously either italian meringue or french method, but i never had 1/2 egg white added to the mixture.
    Please help me.
    Thank you

  14. how many gram is egg white from 1 egg? i used half recipe 3 eggs + 1/2 they came out puffy and porous and no feet, the day before i use 2 1/2 eggs + 1/2 egg came out with nice feet. So im confused since size of each is different, how many grams off egg whites should i use?

    thank you


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