clay flower candle holder tutorial

Monday, 11 February 2013

 you will need
air dry clay
plastic egg to mould around
heart cutter
rolling pin
clay tool

i used a plastic egg to mould the clay around, take the clay and roll it out quite thin, then use a heart cutter and use the rolling pin to roll it out and distort the shape to make it look more like a petal and use the clay tool (ball ended) to shape the petal and then place it on the egg, do this until its covered with two layers of petals.
 gently remove the egg and make some smaller petals and place them inside of the flower like the photo below and leave to dry and harden.
 mix up some pink paint, in  two shades and first paint the whole flower light pink, then with the darker shade paint some in side and at the tops and bottoms of the petals.
 once dry you can put a candle inside,


sisters of the wild west


  1. Pretty in pink and so useful as well as decorative.

  2. Lovely .... thanks for sharing, Ill have to give this a go.

  3. Very sweet Aimee!
    And clever!
    Thanks for linking to the Creative inspirations Party!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. Can I use earthenware clay instead?


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