dollar store wooden box transformation

Monday, 7 January 2013

you can pick these wooden boxes up in most craft stores 

 i wanted to make the trinket box that look really old so i used this aging method
first i painted the wooden box completely white.
then when i was dry i rubbed Vaseline on the areas i wanted to appear worn then i painted a blue colour on,  then i rubbed the paint away where the Vaseline was and sanded it, concentrating mostly on the edges.
 then i used a bit of watered down wood stain and dabbed it on the sanded areas and then wiped it off again with a damp cloth,
i used my silhouette machine to cut the key hole and the corners pieces and spray painted them gold and glued them on.
inside the lid i measured a piece of cardboard to fit and i folded some fabric in a fan shape and glued it to it and then slipped it in,


sisters of the wild west


  1. What a beautiful little box! What a wonderful way to present a gift too!

  2. What a pretty box! So dainty and romantic!

  3. Such a sweet box! Your pics are lovely!

  4. Distressed and darling box - love the extra details of the key hole and the corners.

  5. What a pretty little box. I love the distressing and the details!


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