diy faux sea fan

Thursday, 3 January 2013

you will need
some netted fabric
white glue
baby power
grease proof paper
paint or coffee to stain
cut a sea fan shape with some netted fabric i cut this from an old table cloth and laid it on to some grease poof paper. then i completely covered with white glue and then sprinkled it with baby power and left it to dry, don't lay it flat screw the paper up slightly so it drys with some shape. once dry i did this step over again to ensure that it would be rock hard. i put it on the radiator to dry and got some clay to make the vein part i rolled out thin lines and stuck them on to the fabric like the photo below
 then once it was totally dry i used a sponge brush and some watered down coffee and stained it and that's all it took


sisters of the wild west


  1. love your site and your ideas but it is often difficult to see . . . pastels on a white backgroung . . . a lot of your beautiful items end up overlooked . . . truly beautiful but often missed

  2. Thanks for linking to Fluster Muster Wednesday over at Fluster Buster.



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