chocolate cameo lollypop

Monday, 28 January 2013

you will need
silicone frame mould
pink candy melts
white candy melts
gold edible dusting powder
paint brush
lolly mould
lolly pop stick
black blossom tint
rejuvenating fluid or clear alcohol
you can either dust the frame mould before or after you pour the chocolate in, it may be easier to do it afterwards. melt white chocolate and pour it into the mould. then while you are waiting for it to harden melt the pink candy melts and pour into the lolly mould with the lolly pop stick in.
once they are both hard remove them from the moulds
. mix some gold dust with the rejuvenating fluid or clear alcohol like vodka and paint it on to ensure its completely covered. then place on lolly.
melt some while chocolate and pour into the centre of the frame and tap it a few times to ensure it flattens out and settles and put in the fridge to harden.
then mix up some back blossom powers with the alcohol so it turns in to paint and then paint on a cameo head shape using a fine paint brush

it would be so cute to use for a downton Abby themed party


sisters of the wild west

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  1. wow! I've never seen a cooler lollipop! Thanks for sharing.


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