bird cage light shade

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

 i found this wooden bird cage for £19.99 in tkmaxx and i decided to turn it in to a light shade. i cut a few of the slats at the top with a knife so i could slide the light fitting in.  then i put a hook in the ceiling to hang it from.
i read the label and its a handmade wooden bird cage from Vietnam, that's why i love tkmaxx they always have unique great finds at bargain prices, its really light so just a small hook held it up fine, i have birds on my wallpaper so i thought it fitted in well.


sisters of the wild west


  1. Aimee is it just my pc screen or is this post really pale and not clear? I do love what I can see. Happy New Year! lin

  2. Would so love to find a bird cage like yours. And your idea to make a light cover with it is so cute. Love, love it. I love bird things but try not to let them over whelm our place as it's small. I move bird stuff around house so it doesn't get too congested in any area. I'd sure love to have that bird cage for a light in our bedroom or bathroom or any room. So awesome. What a brilliant idea. I too noticed your post was exceptionally light. Enjoyed it but hard to see. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. Happy 2013


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