mini christmas crackers tutorial

Monday, 17 December 2012


take a piece of card and cut in to three parts, one wider part for the middle and two smaller parts either side. cover with glue and stick on some tissue paper i used silver tissue. then take the cracker part. i got mine from a cracker set from the 99p store, and stick it in the middle and glue it to each part. then roll it up, i used a glue stick to make the round shape then glued it together, i then tied string around one side and sprinkled sequins inside and tied up the other end. you can decorate them off fill them however you want i cut a deer shape on my silhouette and glued glitter to it.

i bought a cracker making kit from the craft store, it only cost a few pounds and all you have to do is assemble them, and they come with party hats and the banging part, but i felt they were i bit plain so i decided to jazz them up
first i painted glue on to the folding parts either side of the crackers and then sprinkled glitter on them, i did put down a sheet but glitter still seems to go every where lol. then i got some wrapping paper and cut it to size and glued it on the the middle and ends of the cracker, then i for one of the crackers i got some tissue paper, and folded it like a fan the folded it in half and glued each side together, then i fanned it out in to a circle and glued it on the the middle of the cracker. i had used my silhouette machine to cut some deer shapes so i covered them with glitter to, and then stuck one in the centre. i then used twine to tie one end and slipped in the hat and gift then i tied the other end. the wrapping paper i used had wooden effect deer's on one and bark effect on the other, so they will go great with the woodland theme table decor i have planned. the great part of making your own crackers is that they are allot cheaper than the nice ones you can get and you can put what ever you want in them. the cracker kit only cost me £3 and i already had the other stuff i used.


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  1. Looks so wonderful! love crackers, and yours mini are so adorable! thank you for the tutorial and have a wonderful week!


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