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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

i was invited to take part in the Hello Perfect dream catcher tee campaign.
i saw sent one of their dream catcher tees to customise so i made some fabric flowers to go on it.
hello perfect is an inspirational fashion blog advocating that the challenge in life is not to become perfect its accepting that you all ready are.
hello perfect would love for people to DIY their own Dream catcher tee and send in a photo so they can feature it on their site.
it can be found here
hello perfect was founded by Alexa Carlin in 2011 and its mission is to change the perception of what perfect is.
in their own words
"We believe that your unique flaws are what makes you perfect, your perception creates your reality and you have the power to accomplish anything you dream".
"Always remember: Normal gets your nowhere, being yourself gets you everywhere, and we all have the power to create our own reality"


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