eiffel tower ornament tutorial (made on the silhouette)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


 i love anything to do with Paris and France so i was so inspired when i saw these

via Lucy at craftberry bush check out her tutorial

via pinterest

so i decided to make my own i hunted every were for a Eiffel tower ornament but could not find one so i made my own
i used an Eiffel tower shape from the silhouette
 i cut them on white card then stuck two together, then i painted them silver.
i used some candle baubles to put them in, so i cut a circle of card to slip in and glued the tower on to it, then i glued some little trees, i made them by cutting the end off a branch from my artificial garland and then trimmed it into a tree shape, i then glued them on. i covered the rest of the circle of card with some glue and covered it with faux snow then i just slid it inside the bauble


sisters of the wild west


  1. J'adore!!! the Eiffel Tower is part of my everyday landscape and I'm never tired of seeing it! My toddler also loves her above all when she sparkles for 5 minutes every hours! ( that could be weird but I said "she" because we call her la Dame de fer that means the Iron Lady ). I pinned it to make it later for him! I'm saying bonjour from se much ado linky.


  2. Wow! You had me at Eiffel Tower! I love your blog ;)

  3. So cute ! that's really funny, because here in France nobdody would like to have an Eiffel tower in his house : Nobody's king in it's own country !
    Love all you DIY
    xoxo from PARIS

  4. Beautiful! Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

  5. I love the Paris theme and I have to make these ornaments. I am going to add your site to my blog roll as it is so unique and would appeal to my readership.

    I have launched my new blog My Personal Accent : http://www.mypersonalaccent.com

    Thank you for the beautiful post.

  6. Very sweet!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  7. Very clever. I have an ET ornament that I will make over next year. Thanks for,the inspiration.

  8. Thank you so much for posting this! I've been looking for an Eiffel tower bauble for ages and this is the best home made alternative I've seen :)


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