clay acorns and pinecones

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

 i found it hard to take detailed photos as my hands were covered in clay, so i will walk you through how to make them
for the clay acorns i used air drying clay.
i also used a bowl of water
and a clay moulding tool to make the holes

first take a ball of clay and roll it around in to a ball then make it wet and roll it slightly so its the shape of an acorn. for the top of the acorn i took another ball of clay and rolled it out like a snake and wrapped it around the top and cut off the excess, then with wet hands i moulded it over the top and smoothed it all out.
then i used the clay tool and made a hole in the top then rolled a small bit of clay for the stalk and slipped it in. then i used the tool to make dots on the top part. next i left them to dry and spray painted them white.
the the pine cones i made a cone shape with the clay and then i took a small bit of clay and made it into a small leaf shape and then stuck it on tho the cone shape, then i continued this all the way around, making them larger as they got nearer the middle, when the cone was covered i stood it up to dry

for the wool acorns
i made the tops of the acorns with clay i made a ball then cut in in half and used my thumb to push into the middle of it to hollow it out so i could glued it acorn in to them, i made the stalk the same as i did for the other acorns,
i took an old sweater and cut a circle and put some stuffing in and the made them into little balls then i painted them white and used a glue gun to stick them together



sisters of the wild west


  1. Hi Aimee.
    It's really amazing how crafty you are!! Do you have more hours a day than the rest of us ;-) so beautiful acorns and pinecones!! Great idea


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