christmas in a nut shell tutorial

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

you will need
a walnut
a screwdriver for opening
spring from a pen
faux tree
glue gun
faux snow
piece of thin plastic or something similar for hinge

first take the walnut and use the screw driver to gently open it, then use it to dig out all the insides
then cut the faux tree to size, i just cut a branch off my artificial garland and then trimmed in to size and into a tree shape. then take the spring and cut it to size so that the tree will be able to fold down inside the walnut and then pop up when you open it, and then glue the tree to it. i then took a piece of thin clear plastic and folded in in half so it was like a hinge, but anything will work for this) and glued it to each side of the shell so it would open and close. then i glued the tree in to the shell with the glue gun.
i then used normal glue and put it into the shell around the tree and packed it with faux snow. i added a little to the top part of the shell too. then once it had dried i folded the spring in so the tree was completely inside and tied it with ribbon
heres the step by step of the tree popping up as you open it


sisters of the wild west


  1. This is one of my favorite projects that you've done! I'm intrigued and inspired! I have no idea how you come up with this stuff, but I'm glad you do! This is so much fun!

  2. This makes me SO extremely happy!!!!! How adorable!!!! XOXO your newest follower

  3. So sweet! I would love to do this but the dogs ate all my nuts this year.

  4. This reminds me of a sweet ornament my grandma used to have on her tree when I was a kid. So cute!

  5. these are adorable! i remember as a kid we had a couple nutshell ornaments. every time i hear the word though i can't help but think of austin powers "no, this is me in a nutshell... help, i'm in a nutshell"

  6. That's really cute. I remember one ornamnet we had that was one half of a walnut shell which was a "bed" for a little mouse tucked into it. I like this one better!!


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