winter wonderland bauble

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

first i cut down the bottle brush and trimmed it in to a tree shape, then painted it with some green paint and sprayed some spray glue on to it and then i sprinkled some bircarbonate of soda on to look like snow (it as the first thing i thought of as i didnt have any faux snow). then i cut two circles of some snow blanket and cut a hole in one and slid the end of the bottle brush in and glued them togther, then i placed it in the candle bauble. i looked on google for a photo of a deer and printed it and then cut it out and put it inside.

sisters of the wild west


  1. So pretty Aimee! Love using that soda as snow too! Never thought of that!Thank you for sharing!

  2. Soda as snow - very crrative! Love the bottle brush tree you made.

  3. Such a cute idea! You always have the most amazing projects and I love visiting your blog!

  4. so cute, love this, and would love it if you would share this at my linky party going on now!

  5. So festive, really inventive and so pretty. I love things like you made. Good for you finding a substitute for snow.
    Getting me in the mood for decorating for the holidays. I was sitting under my shutter shelf (over the couch) last night thinking of ways to decorate the shelf. It's my mantel. Not really ready to get all the holiday decos out yet but ready to do the shelf, couple other places.
    We live about 18 miles west of Grand Junction, CO and we've had the most mild fall we've ever had since we moved here over 8 yrs. ago. I'm sure missing the cold and snow. It's 50's during the day, have front/back doors open. Oh well if we had cold and snow we'd complain about that I suppose. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. I love it! The little deer is a charming touch!


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