feather baubles

Saturday, 3 November 2012

 i could not hold on any longer i had to start my Christmas crafts.
 this was a really easy, i bought the clear baubles from the pound shop but they had tinsel inside so i fashioned a hook out of some wire and pulled it all out, then i got these guinea fowl feathers from the craft shop, and slipped them in and replaced the top. i love the natural look of them i think i may run with this theme this year.


sisters of the wild west


  1. hi amiee which chain of pound shop are these lovely baubles from as i need some for a project for a chrimbo pressie BTW these christmas decorations are brilliant as are most of your projects are :) :)


  2. HI Amiee Your feather baubles are so delicate and pretty, seem pretty easy too. How many feathers did you put in each clear ornament? Did you buy the guinea fowl feathers? I live in U.S. so will look to see if they're available here.
    When we lived in Kentucky our farm neighbor had guinea hens that ran all over the area and were always losing their feathers or getting run over in the road out front. Poor little things. I'd pick up the feathers to keep when I'd see them in the yard. You would have thought they'd stay away from our yard as we had a cat but the cat seemed to be afraid of them. I still have some of the feathers (we live in Colorado now). Love your blog and your projects.

  3. Quite lovely and ethereal! I collect feathers on walks on our property but didn't know what to do with them... until now! Thank you!

  4. Nice thing about your pretty ornaments is that they could be used almost throughout the year. Spring with bunnies and chicks, Fall with autumn colors. Nice little project.


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