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Sunday, 18 November 2012

this year i have chosen two themes, for the dining room i went with a woodland them, i haven't decided on the table decor yet but i still have plently of time, and for the lounge i went with a white theme with gold and silver
 i bought some moss wreaths and cut some burlap and then tied them to the back of each chair

 i made a noel sign my using an old frame and sticking on a vinyl letter N, then for the O i used the sleeve of a sweater and glued it around a wooden letter, for the E i used a mirrored letter i had and for the L i cut paper vines on my silhouette machine and glued them to some wire
 i have a white tree, i would of liked a new tree this year but i decided to keep it, i added gold and silver decorations to it this year
 the silver sequin birds are my favourite ornaments this year, i always buy a few new ones each year.
  i bought two cheap green garlands and wound them around each other to make it look thicker, then i laid it on to a bin liner so i didn't make a mess. first a sprayed it with two tins of spray snow, then i misted it with some white spray paint. once it was dry i covered it in spray glue and sprinkles faux snow on to it to make it look like there was clumps of snow on it, i added pine cones and burlap ribbons and some woodland themed decorations and hung it on my fire place in the dining room.


sisters of the wild west


  1. Hi Aimee! Wow it's absoluty stunning! I'm really amazed, it looks like a Winther wonderland :-) love all your little details and colour theme! Thanks for the inspiration and have a great week :-)

  2. Looks so beautiful Aimee! I can't wait to get started on mine!

  3. Winter Wonderland, indeed! I loved the ornaments and the tree and the chairs, but my favorite was that gorgeous garland. Where did you get the animals? Did you draw them?

  4. Everything is soooo beautiful! I love the colours and the theme not to mention the birds! you've done such a wounderful job and I can't wait to see the table done up.


  5. Very light and ethereal! very dreamy! love it.

  6. Hi Aimee, I love your winter woodland. I'm doing the same theme as you this year, and I've been loving all the cool tutorials like how to make antlers and birch bark. I love the little animals in the garland. Wondering if you made them?
    thanks for the tour!

  7. That looks amazing, Aimee. Good idea to twist two together to make a nice thick one.

  8. Loving the lightness of it all - so fresh!

  9. Beautiful home and decor! I too have a white Christmas tree and just love it!

  10. love all the white!!! So very pretty- one of the rooms I do in all white also- I'm trying to decide if it is the dining room or my study this year!

  11. Looking beautiful!
    So pretty and perfect!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  12. What a beautiful winter wonderland! I want to see more!

  13. Your photos are incredible! Can't wait to see more. Thank you for linking up at Homa Style.


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