new blog maison daisy

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

today i would like to introduce you to a brand new blogger sindy at maison daisy, i love the printed napkins she has made and wow that table is gorgeous.
shes only just started her sweet little blog, and we all no how it felt when we just started blogging so go and take a visit here and make her day. im sure she would love to get any pointers you might have from you experience blogging xxx


  1. I went and checked her out and followed her. You are so sweet to preview her. She will go far! Good stuff already! xo wendy

  2. I love that you did this for her! so sweet. I am just getting started to and trying to figure out how to make everything on my blog and how to link up things and what it means to have a sponsor and all that! aaa maybe i can turn to ya for some help?? haha by the way i have repined so many of your things i am obsessed!!


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