tea cup pin cushion

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

 i saw this cute little tea cup in the charity shop, and decided to make it into a pin cushion

what you need
tea cup
round piece of fabric larger than cup
stuffing (size of saucer)
batting (optional)
glue gun
needle and thread
doily (optional)
 first you need to cut a large circle and the do a running stitch all the way around like the photo below
 then you need to pull tight, and add stuffing until it is firm, then sew the bottom together

 then place doily over the top, put some glue around the inside of the cup, and push the pincushion inside. and its done, i think this is the quickest project i have ever done but i love it. im planning to make more as im starting a market stall soon and i think they would make a nice gift idea, so im keeping my eye out for some pretty tea cups while im out thrifting


  1. I love this--Thanks for showing how you did it. Now I know why I "need" the next adorable teacup I see at Goodwill:)

  2. Girl!!!! I'm loving this project. I'm going to be doing this as my next project.

  3. I love it!! Please remove word verification, as it makes it hard to comment.

  4. So cute!! (and agree with removing word var).

  5. You sucked me in again! I have pinned this for my tea party ideas as another favor option! Thanks very much.

  6. very sweet. thanks for how to's

    barbara jean

  7. This is gorgeous, I made one of these a while ago now but I love your doily. It's the perfect touch!

  8. how sweet reminded me of my grandmother come see what sweet treat I shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  9. I'm always a sucker for doilies....so I LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing:)

  10. Oh my goodness! Cutest pin cushion EVER! I must make one :) Now following thru Linky. Have a great week!

    ~Erika from Southern Belle as an Army Wife

  11. Very pretty, Aimee! I've had this on my to do list forever. I've got a bunch of pieces to use as the base ~ a couple of teacups and saucers, a few creamers and sugar bowls, too.

  12. That is so cute!! I think i'm going to HAVE to make one of these in a tea cup!! Ps I love your vintage tea cup so pretty!! :) Would love if you'd stop by my blog sometime too! You have a nice place here! Have a great rest of the week!!! :))

  13. I am so loving these Aimee!!!

    Thanks for sharing on Serenity Saturday

    Natasha xxx


  14. This is just lovely...perfect for a Mother's Day gift!

    I would love if you would post it and share it with my readers! Join the Community and share any of your creative project!

    Susan @ Oh My! Creative


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