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Monday, 23 January 2012

 kitchen organisation, i love this picture so much, i wish i could have this inmy house. i love the label name plates on each shelf.
 this is such a cool idea, crate box shelfing. it looks so beautiful. i would love to try and recreate this.
this picture wall hanging is from pottery barn, when i saw this i could see a potential knock off coming on lol. i think this could be recreated quite easily, and today while visiting my partner at work i saw some wire window display frame holders in a closed down shop. so i have asked him to speak to his boss and see if i can have them. if not then i think with a wall mounted pole and some picture hanging wire i could recreate it.


  1. Great photos. I just ordered name plates like that for a little project I am working on. (see my blog;) Have a great week!
    ~Debra xxx

  2. I love the picture wall hanging~ Great idea


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