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Monday, 16 January 2012

                                                 i love this bookpage chandelier

                                                                     book page wall
                          anthropologie bedding, gorgeous, im going to try and make one like this

                                                                music sheet dresser

                                                  i love the look of this pallet head board

                                    west elm origami pillow this looks quite easy to reacreate


  1. I did a no sew version of the West Elm pillow. It is super easy! Most of the things you have posted on here, I have on a to do list, as well! Probably why I like your blog:) I can't wait to read and see how everything turns out!

    I thought about doing the white version of the West Elm Pillow for Christmas! I never got around to it. But it would look nice with red or white beads sewn, or glued in my case, between where the 4 origami folds end. You could "frost" the beads with epsom salts for a wintery look. It would make it look like holly or mistletoe. Anyhow, a project for next year for me!


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