book page stag tree decoration tutorial

Sunday, 20 November 2011

 first glue book pages, both sides of a sheet of a4 card.

burlap memo board tutorial

Thursday, 17 November 2011

 first i got a piece of wood

easy book page tree

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

 this is the easiest project ever, all you need to do is remove a chunk of pages still attached at the spine of the book, then cut out half a christmas tree shape, like the picture below, with the middle of the tree where the spine is. and then fan the pages out and your done. so easy

stenciled dresser

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

                                                   before picture,
i painted the dresser cream, my mums friend had two of these and was throwing them away so my mum had one and i had one.

lavender cushions tutorial

Saturday, 12 November 2011

   to make these cushions, you need;
hessian fabric
masking tape
sewing machine

book page roses tutorial

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

painted hessian grain sack cushion

for this cushion, you need,
one square piece of hessian
one rectangle piece of fabric for the back
black paint
white paint
sponge brush
masking tape
sewing machine

mod podge typograthy table tutorial

Monday, 7 November 2011

 i upcycled my little bed side table in my spare room with images of writing and music notes

diy anthropologie style eiderdown/bed throw

 i love this anthropologie bedding, its beautiful, so i had a go at makeing a simular one for my spare bedroom/ sewing room

to do this i got a kingsize flat sheet and layed it out flat on the floor.
 then i decided on doing four sections instead of loads, so i did a running stitch all the way along and made ruffleds sections along the sheet.

 like this, this is with just two and a half sections sections

 and then it should look like this. you can do as many sections as you like the anthropologie one has quite a few.

 then i used the sewing machine to secure it in place, and then unpicked the running stitch.
 and its done, i did think about adding more sections, but i left it like this for now.

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Scrap fabric heart wreath

Saturday, 5 November 2011

to make this first wrap the wire around in a circle, then bend into a heart shape, and keep winding the wire around until its strong enough, i did it about 3 times,

heres the heart shape i was left with, the wire does not need to be neat as it wont be seen

then with fabric scraps cut or torn in small strips, start tieing the fabric on by knotting it.

keep going until all the wire is covered. and trim any strips which are too long to make it tidy

then tie two long strips on each side of the heart and the tie a bow to hang it with, i was going to make a round christmas style wreath but i ended up doing a heart to make it a bit different and more versitile for all year round as well as christmas.
the best way to make a round wreath is to use a wire coat hanger, i havent been able to lay my hands on one yet.
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Fabric earrings and tutorial

Friday, 4 November 2011

i dont usually make this sort of thing, but i thought it would make nice little christmas presents, heres what i made

mini pin wheel earrings

the make these earrings i first painted decopatch glue or mod podge on to the fabric, this mades it like oil cloth and it shops it from fraying

then cut two small strips, fold in half

then make lots of small cuts along the folded side

then wrap around in a coil and glue onto earring, blank.

 the flower below is made from ric rac that is coiled around into a circle this makes a rose, then peel the ricrac open slightly.

fabric bows

i cut the fabric with a scalloped edge along one side, with smaller scallops on one end getting large along the strip of fabric, then start to wind around into a circle, then fold back to make petals.

felt bows, this was quite tricky not to burn my self with the glue gun

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