fabric flower tutorial for 2 types of flowers (no sew)

Monday, 31 October 2011

flower 1
large petal flower
step one, use iron on bonda web to attach two peices of fabric together so that it pattened each side

 cut the bonding paper to the size of the fabric and iron on the matt side with the shiny side facing the fabric
 then iron according to the bonding papers instuctions, a minutes is fine
 then peel of paper and put  on the fabric you want to stick to it and iron again to fix it together
 cut the sqaure of fabric in to strips, and then into small rectangles like above, and then round the edge on one side.

 on the flat side fold each edge in so it meets in the middle and succure with a glue gun
 then cut a circle of felt and first glue the petals around the edge, then you are left with a circle in the middle like above, then do the same inside that circle, then with six petals, snip the ends slightly and fix these in the middle and its done
  flower 2
 fix the fabric with bonda web again
 cut out lots of small circles
dab glue in the middle and fold, into semi circle, then dap glue in the middle and fold again, do this with all the circles, then cut a circle of felt and attach the little frills onto it, then attaches some in the middle too.
 and there it is it will look like this

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