design your own fabric

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

you can design your own fabric at its really simple i just gave it a go.
they offer a range of fabric weights for what ever project you need, and sizes from 20cm square to as many metres as you want. all you need is a camera, or scanner and a computer, and you can customise the colours and designs. istead of taking a picture or scanning something in, i used google images and found a polka dot pattern, then i used a clip art flower pattern, and i uploaded it fotoflexer, then when i was done arranging it how i wanted it i uploaded it to spoon flower.
here is a few designs i created belowe. all you need to do to purchase it is select the type of fabric and amount you want and you can order your very own personalised fabric, you can also earn money by making your designs public available to sell to others, its free to sign up.

head over to spoonflower to check it out, there are easy to follow instructions, and clear priceings on their site.  they have lots of great designs by others on there to that you can by, i cant wait to make more of my own designs, hopefully you can too now.

The tutorial for suffolf puffs from cath kidston

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make do and mend monday

Monday, 26 September 2011

Make do and mend monday
today is my  first post for make do and mend monday.
its like the cinderella story, when the pumkin turns in to the coach, the same way as people turn trash into treasure. i will be featuring tutorials each week of fab ways to reinvent drab items into fab ones.
todays top blog for make do and mend monday is ;

funky junk interiorsFunky Junk Interiors
 beautiful box, using reclaimed materials
 grainsack pillows
 garden rake, into a knecklace holder, what a fab idea

this is just a few pictures of their beautiful inspiration. i love all the vintage finds.
here is one of my favorate posts by them
pallets and reclaimed lumber
they have tutorials on how to make the beautiful ideas.
 Pallet bench
pallett tv stand

head over to to check out much more, and to see their tutorials on how to make the bench, and tv stand.

Can you guess what i used to be ???

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

This used to be a wooden lamp base. But i never used it and the idea came to me that it could be better as something else. So I used a hand saw and cut it in half. "it was hard work with my rusty saw" then i sprayed it white and i added picture hooks to the back and now its a wall sconce i have one hung either side of the mirror.

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mini display cabinet upcycle

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

i bought this today from a charity shop

the first thing i did was remove the mirrored back.

then i put masking tape around the edges of the glass so i didnt get paint on it and used normal emulsion paint, while it dryed i antiqued the mirror.

the back of the mirror was painted so i used nail varnish remover to get it off, then i used oven cleaner and scrubbed it with a sponge this took the silver backing of in the places i wanted, and the glass was see through. then i dried it and used an image from graphic fairy and printed it off the computer, then using spray glue is sprayed over the image and pressed it to the back of the mirror so it showed through the see through parts. then i put the mirror back in the cabinet and used a glue gun to seal it back in. i then used white metalic acrylic paint on the outside of the cabinet to make it shiny.

then i got a diamone button and a pearl ear ring and used a glue gun to put it on as a handle

and its done, if desired a light sanding can be done over it to make it look more rustic


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