Make do and mend monday (using paint to upcycle old furniture)

Monday, 31 October 2011

giving a peice of furniture a lick of paint can transform it into something amazing, and its allot cheaper that going out and buying new, heres an example

 done by common place beauty

 how much better does it look, check out heathers tutorial for this cabinet at

miss mustard seed had transformed many peices of furniture from drap to fab

 i love painted furniture and not only is it thrifty but when its finished you have a fab peice of furniture, which you worked hard on, and its a one off, no one else will have the same peice of furniture as you.

chalk paint is great for this type of project, and then use sand paper after wards to distress it.

you can also do some great knock offs using paint. like the real housewives of buck county did, they made this knock of anthopologie dresser.

 check out their tutorial


  1. Hi Aimee, Thanks so much for featuring me - so sweet!! I totally agree with you painted furniture is so awesome. You can get a great piece at an economical price and then make it all your own. Such possibilities! Just joined your site :-).



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