D.I.Y hanging bead mobile

Sunday, 30 October 2011

to make i this i used the round parts from an old lamp shade, then i got some christmas string beads, and cut them all the same length. i then attached each strand to the big round part using wire. i then attached the small round part inside at the top and did the same with the beads on the smaller circle but i cut these so they were longer. and then made a loop to hang it. as the beads were bright red and shiny, i then spray painted it white.


  1. Cool mobile! :) Was it difficult to attache the beads with the wire?

  2. it was so easy i just wrapped the wire around the top of each strand and then wrapped it around the frame. it took no skill at all lol, xxx

  3. wow that looks so pretty! found you on a diamond in the stuff! I'm a new follower i'd Love if you followed back!




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